About Mountain Oasis Homestead Creations


Mountain Oasis Homestead Creations began as Stuck on Hookin’ which began as an offhand comment and a desire to create, just a spin on my last name and my love of crocheting. I learned a long time ago how to crochet, though it wasn’t until I was accepted into a Physician Assistant program that I really began expanding from scarves, simple winter hats, and afghans to the Pokemon inspired products, more complex clothing items and custom crochet that I enjoy and sell now.

Since then I have started writing patterns for some of the items I crochet to share with fellow crafters.

Then once we settled down in our new home, and I changed my name, it seemed like a good time to change the direction of the blog, adding our adventures in building our homestead on the side of our little mountain. A new blog seemed to require a new name, so Mountain Oasis Homestead Creations was born. We’ve since added a couple of pups, chickens and ducks, and have experienced our fair share of loss including our beginning flock being wiped out by a combination of our dogs and a very persistent hawk, and the passing of my beloved Zoey. I’ve had to take an almost two year hiatus with taking my boards, buying our home and starting at a new job in the local Emergency Department, but it is time to get back to work on writing and sharing!

To find out more and view the many projects I’ve done feel free to “Like” my Facebook page or visit me on Etsy!


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