Not again… I can’t help but feel frustrated as, yet again, Ty squats to urinate on the freshly steam cleaned carpet. I also feel thankful that he hasn’t learned to lift his leg yet, so at least for now the furniture is safe.

I know I wanted a puppy. I asked my husband multiple times if he would like a puppy, sending him pictures of any puppy I saw, wanting him to be just as excited as I was. I could not help myself. After the past year, losing Zoey and Freyja, I felt I needed something to fill the hole left behind. We were never a two dog home. Ever.

I went to meet Ty with a friend of mine – also a major dog lover. We has our choice, really, the only request from my husband was to get a male because he was tired of being the only male in the house. “Too much estrogen” was his battle cry.

The little ball of fur was too cute running around in the grass, attacking his mother and brothers in a wild blur of furry fury. Probably not the best decision to pick the dog with the most energy with a busy life style with my husband and I both often working over forty hours a week and already having chickens, cats and two dogs at home. But I chose him. “Jasper”. Not that Jasper would stay his name. We wanted something a little more “manly” than that. I had the list laying on the coffee table. Thor, Duke, Odin… nothing was fitting! I texted my husband yet another name while he was at work. “Tiberius”. My phone vibrated with his reply. My Star Trek loving husband replied. “James T Kirk – Tiberius is perfect.”

So while designing the new logo for Mountain Oasis Homestead Creations, who would be the perfect inspiration than the tiny Bernese mountain dog mix snuggled into my lap, plopping one oversized paw onto my laptop keyboard to remind me to keep petting him.

Needs a little refining, just like Ty – but it’s here to stay.



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