Mountain Oasis Homestead Creations

Stuck on Hookin’ is now Mountain Oasis Homestead Creations. We have gone through a lot of changes in the past year in a half, and with that the name of the shop along with the blog have gone through a change.

  1. I’m now working full time (and then some) as a physician assistant in a local ED. I love my job, but it sure fills my time.
  2. We bought a house! We found our dream home in the mountains and have started a small homestead. It’s a lot of work, but it is our dream home. 14657539_1275147995840827_3257788722168482681_n
  3. We have chickens and ducks. We’ve added 19 chickens and 6 ducks to start our little homestead this past year. Next step: GOATS! 13924903_10153826248530172_5110233443548069048_n
  4. We’ve sadly lost three of our pups, Zoey passed from old age after 14 amazing years with me. Freyja and Mitzy unfortunately passed way too early. 13139083_10153626767265172_5847969409435158606_n
  5. BUT we’ve also added three new pups. Rosie, a cavalier king Charles came to us from a friend and is such a cuddle bug. Tiberius, or Ty, is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Irish Setter/Lab mix who doesn’t know how big or clumsy he is. Hadley is a chocolate lab who is part jumping bean. Within the first 24 hours with us she fractured her foot – and that didn’t slow her down one bit.15355698_1332498010105825_8928473797350627796_nOverall life has been amazing, and with all the changes, a name change felt in order. All the old Stuck on Hookin’ posts will remain, but the blog will be expanding to cover our adventures (and mistakes) at homesteading, some glimpses into the life of a PA, along with some new tutorials and patterns. Unfortunately, the actually crocheting and crafting part has fallen to the wayside, but  I hope to be able to work on more in the coming months – at least until the spring thaw!

    Until next time, Blessed be and happy hookin’!


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