Photography Special and Photo Release

Stuck on Hookin’ is excited to announce a new partner in crime – Chasing Adalyn Photography! A mutual friend introduced us via facebook (social media win for once!) so Stuck on Hookin’ may be getting some professional photos! I’m kind of new at this, so the whole photo/model release and all that wasn’t even on my radar, but a day or two of looking around and I think I’ve settled on a form.

Photo Release

I want to start offering a new discount in exchange for professional photographs also – meaning I’ll need a copy of this release filled out and sent in an email. I promise I’m not trying to make it complicated!

So, the deal is that if you send in a copy of a professional photo in any of the items from the shop that can be used in advertisement of the item I’ll give you a unique coupon code that can be used on your next purchase. It’ll be for 30% off any item in the shop. It will not have an expiration, but once it’s used it will be inactivated. For now I need professional photos for just about every item in the shop, but eventually will be narrowed down to those that need photos.

I’ll leave the link for a the pdf file right here: Photo Release

So just download, have it filled out and email a copy to with the photos you would like to submit!


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