Star Herb Drying Rack DIY Tutorial

star dry rack1
After two years of not really being able to have a garden, I’ve finally started growing herbs again, meaning I was going to need a place to dry them in our new home. We don’t have a lot of space, so I needed something small, but I wanted to have something decorative also. Luckily we have an abundance of branches laying in the yard, and with just a few more items I made a star shaped drying rack.   Materials Five sticks of close to equal length (dowel rods would also work) Hemp Twine or other cord Scissors Heirloom Decorative Hooks or other hooks of choice IMG_6708 1. Lay out the sticks in a star shape. This may take a few times to arrange these so that the corners are not too far apart – you want to avoid tying the top stick to the bottom stick directly. IMG_6709 2. Start tying those corners together. Again, you may have to continue to arrange the sticks – there should be slight tension. I find that it’s best to criss cross the twine. IMG_6716 3. Once the outside points are tied, move to the inside of the star. The sticks do not have to touch where they overlap, but make sure that it is tied tightly. IMG_6718 4. Cut five pieces of twine of equal length, tying one at each of the outside points of the star. Pull them all up together and adjust until the star is hanging evenly. Tye them together forming a loop – this is how you will be hanging the star. IMG_6720 5. Find a dry, airy place to hang it, go cut some herbs, and hang them up to dry!

I hang this in my kitchen, but I like to take it outside with me while cutting herbs.
I hang this in my kitchen, but I like to take it outside with me while cutting herbs.

This is where those decorative hooks come into play. I hang the herbs by wrapping them with rubber bands, attaching them to the hooks and handing them off the drying rack. IMG_6723   Tonight I harvested peppermint, chocolate mint, thyme, and rosemary. Living in a trailer park limits my growing space a bit, but I do the best I can until we get our dream home someday (with my awesome herb garden and greenhouse of course) Until next time, Blessed Be and Happy Crafting!

Kali helping out with crafting... anything with string!
Kali helping out with crafting… anything with string!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Taleena says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial!
    I’ve been wanting to make one like this forever and it was super helpful. :3


    1. Leslie says:

      I’m glad it was helpful! Enjoy!


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