Charity of the Month

Starting this month, Stuck on Hookin’ is going to start donating 10% of the proceeds over the course of a month to a charity. Also I will be having a “charity special” meaning that a certain item, somehow related to the organization will have 15% donated to that charity during it’s month, and then 10% at any other point during the year. Hopefully this way I can continue to donate to different organizations even though I am temporarily unemployed since I failed my boards in June and can’t take them again until September.

For the month of July I’ll be donating to the Humane Society of Harrisburg area. Anyone who’s read any other part of my blog knows that I am an animal lover and over the years I have multiple pets from animal shelters.

The “charity special” this month is a Puppy Dish Towel.

Puppy Dish Towel
Puppy Dish Towel

I do plan on making different colors and some cats, though I don’t want to make too many before I know how well they will sell. I’ve contacted a few organizations to see if they are ok with me advertising the donations and posting links to their sites, but only two have gotten back to me so far.

July – Humane Society of Harrisburg Area

August – Knots of Love

September- ??

Any charities you would like to see featured for a month in my Stuck on Hookin Etsy shop? Let me know in the comments!


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